Churchill Associates

Churchill Associates

Churchill Associates brings flair and imagination to many sectors, in particular Banking, Healthcare, Property and Mortgage Lending.

About us

Churchill Associates is a diversified organisation with a reputation for identifying outstanding investment opportunities.
Churchill Associates acts as a strong set of businesses in the investment, healthcare, property and mortgage lending sectors. The company aims specifically at innovation, speed of reaction and responding to increasingly competitive demand for better returns.
Churchill Associates concentrates on building stable strategic partnerships and joint ventures with clients and other stakeholders by consistently helping them capitalize on opportunities. It offers an array of great products and services, creating a better future for businesses and consumers.


Investment and Asset Management


Churchill Associates has extensive experience in the banking sector, providing consultancy in the following areas:


Investment banking: issuance of bonds and shares for corporate clients, together with provision of corporate finance advice associated with these activities and with other areas such as mergers and acquisitions.


Trade finance: Opening, confirming or collecting documentary letters of credit or handling other international payments and collections. This also includes guaranteeing or confirming the credit risk of overseas banks and buyers, as well as lending against the security of a customer’s debtors, ie factoring or invoice discounting.


Investment/Asset management: also known as private banking, this includes management of investment portfolios for private individuals, small corporates and other clients.








Medical Imaging and Diagnostics: We launched the first aggregator in the UK, dedicated to imaging and diagnostic services. Our innovative platform helps patients and health care professionals alike to search and book any imaging and diagnostic service at the right place, the right time and/or the right price.


Medical Tourism: We have invested in the medical tourism industry, which is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%. Our innovative platform helps quickly shortlist the appropriate options. We have experience of both the affordable and the high-end sectors, connecting with the best hospitals worldwide for medical treatments.


Clinical Products: We have been involved in the development of several clinical products, each of which has the potential to capture a significant market share.




Property Management and Property Development


Churchill Associates retains experts active in residential property development since 1988 and in property investment since 1996.


Design: We use in-house architectural and planning expertise, focussing on design-led schemes across all property sectors.


Planning: We specialise in buying land without planning permission and have a 100% success record in obtaining planning consent.


Construction: We effectively coordinate the engineers, architects and builders to produce a successful construction, taking account of scheduling, budgeting, materials, safety and the environmental impact.


Marketing: We provide an extensive range of PR and marketing advice, to include research and advertising, digital marketing and branding.


Method: How we work is as important as what we do. For each property development project, one partner leads the team dealing with planning, procurement, funding, construction and disposal.



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